eLearning and Online Solutions for SME Finance Best Practices

DATE: 07 August 2020



CCX is seeking experienced companies who have the didactical and technical expertise to convert/transform our existing training materials related to SME Finance into eLearning content without compromising the outcome of adult learning of our in-person approach.  As a result, we expect a learning design concept with a selected blended learning approach and a suggested platform that combines digital desktop and mobile channels.  The deadline for submitting questions is August 14 and the deadline for proposal submission is August 21, 2020.



ConsumerCentriX (CCX) is a consulting firm headquartered in Switzerland that focuses on translating human-centered market research and industry expertise into actionable strategic insights. We work with financial institutions, financial regulators, and service providers in emerging markets to support the un- and underserved.




The objective of this project is to transform our existing training curricula on SME Finance best practices from a classroom focused approach into digital, online learning courses. As a result, we expect a learning platform that combines digital desktop and mobile channels with a selected blended learning approach where intermediate sessions are facilitated by human interaction, peer reviews, or similar.


Our courses are designed to train Business Bankers, Loan Officers, Credit Risk Analysts, Account Managers, Branch Managers from Microfinance Institutions, and Commercial Banks interested in serving the SME segment.

Courses and approach

Our existing face-to-face, in-person training needs to be transformed into digital/online content.  Currently, our training approach has two components:  1) Group training sessions for up to  20-30 participants of similar job profiles followed by 2) On-the-job coaching sessions for smaller groups up to  4-5 participants to ensure learning by practicing with real cases in the local context.

The fundamental blocks of our SME Finance best practices course is structured into 4 modules. Content is approximately 350-400 PowerPoint slides with the theoretical content, 30 handouts to reinforce learning, 20 individual and group exercises, role-plays, tests, and quizzes adapted for in-person training. Brainstorming and experiences sharing are fundamental in our approach.

The 4 modules to be transformed as part of this RFP are:

  1. Customer Relationship Management– Placing the customer at the center, understanding their needs, and adapting the financial and non-financial offering to customer’s needs. This module is composed of 4 delivery sessions.
  2. Business Analysis– The 4 sessions of this module focus on teaching how to collect financial data from the business and the household and how to analyze the repayment capacity of the business owner
  3. Risk Assessment & Credit Approval Process- This module has 3 sessions focusing on financial risk assessment based on risk appetite and credit process adapted to each financial provider.
  4. Loan Portfolio Management and Monitoring- The 3 sessions in this module focus on tools and reports that will allow the financial institutions to have an overview of their lending portfolio, tools to quickly react in case of arrears, and to constantly foster a good relationship with their customers.

NB: In our face to face training approach, the 4 blocks are in 8 days or 48 hours.  The on the job coaching last 3 full weeks.


We are seeking proposals from experienced companies who have the didactical and technical expertise to convert/transform the existing materials into eLearning content without compromising the outcome of adult learning of our in-person approach.  Modules will be supported via web and mobile devices.

Our understanding of best practice blended learning core features is:

The e-Learning solution should align with the following 3 focus areas:

  • Self-Paced Learning: We envision a situation where learning is self-paced, not limited in space and time. The learners would be able to charter their learning journey once the learning material is available on accessible web & mobile platforms/ digital solutions so that they can interact with it at their convenience and apply it on their day to day job.
  • Community Learning: This form of learning is a key feature where the reduction of face to face interaction is replaced by dynamic chat platforms which allow learners to share experiences, upload photos and videos of their knowledge application as well as troubleshoot on issues within a community of practice.
  • Analytics and Monitoring: The web and mobile solution should allow for intelligent analytics and customized reporting at the back end as well as the ability to push communication through email, short message service, and social media. Facilitators and instructors should be able to monitor and interact with users through tools, alerts, and reporting.


We expect the following deliverables as part of the proposal:

  1. A concept to transform the current materials showing which training components should be delivered under which format. (video, webinars, animations, workshops, etc.), including the learning design approach and the creation of materials in different formats. The storyboard will be developed iteratively between CCX and the company.
  2. Suggest the most adequate e-learning platform running in a web and mobile solution, preferably an existing platform managed by a third party that can host this training.


  1. Company qualifications and experience: Provide short company description and qualifications to address the scope of this assignment, including client references for past projects.
  2. Technical approach, including the understanding of the assignment, e-learning design approach, and e-learning platform solution options.
  3. Financial Proposal: Provide a clear cost structure for the e-learning design, cost per delivery format, and a separate budget for the suggested platform, including set up cost and maintenance costs.



Questions regarding this RFP may be addressed to All questions must be received no later than August 14, 2020, 12:00 pm CET. Please include in the e-mail subject line “Questions: RFP: E-Learning_CCX”.

Submission should be addressed to The assignment will begin on September 1st, 2020.



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