FEATURED: SME Response Clinic in campaign to support small businesses’ post-Covid-19 recovery

In a bid to recognise the role of small businesses in Rwanda’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, Access to Finance Rwanda and partners of the SME Response Clinic are running a campaign dubbed ‘Twiteze Imbere’.

The campaign, meaning ‘Let’s Move Forward Together,’ is supporting enterprises to overcome challenges and acknowledges their importance in job creation and Rwanda’s ongoing economic transformation.

Through resources and learning opportunities, the SME Response Clinic online platform provides access to training, industry insights, and financial management advice to entrepreneurs in Rwanda.

The campaign has been organised in collaboration with ConsumerCentriX, the Private Sector Federation, the Association of Microfinance Institutions in Rwanda, African Management Institute, New Faces New Voices Rwanda and the Rwanda Bankers’ Association.

A key feature of the campaign is to celebrate exceptional businesses through the inaugural SME Response Clinic Business Awards and to encourage entrepreneurs to utilise the SME Response Clinic.

As part of the campaign, people across Rwanda can nominate their favourite small businesses.