Rwanda's recovery from COVID-19

The role of SMEs in the road to recovery

On 18th March 2021, the SME Response Clinic launched the Twiteze Imbere campaign to recognize and celebrate the role SMEs play in Rwanda’s road to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign was supported by the partners of the SME Response Clinic and business development service providers, including the Rwanda Institute of Cooperatives, Entrepreneurship, and Microfinance (RICEM) 

During the campaign, a radio show was conducted featuring Esperance Niyitegeka, a lead trainer at RICEM and Angelique Uwimana, an entrepreneur involved in the tailoring business that had gone through RICEM’s training program. Esperance gave a detailed overview of the campaign and highlighted the role SMEs play in Rwandas recovery from COVID-19, sighting their contribution to taxes. Angelique also encouraged women entrepreneurs to participate in the campaign to stand a chance to win and increase their capital, which would help them develop their businesses.