Request for Proposal for Local Market Research Firm in Guatemala

Issued Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Proposal due Tuesday, August 30, 2022


The present Request for Proposal (RFP) is open to all Guatemala-based firms that can and are able to provide the requested services described further below and have the legal capacity to deliver these services the country.

1        Background

CCX Inclusive Business (CCX IB) is currently working on a project to assess market conditions and identify gaps and opportunities in financial services use among low-income and marginalized populations, especially women, as well as to advance digital financial inclusion in Guatemala.

2        Objectives & Responsibilities

The research firm will be responsible for recruitment, logistics, and research activities for market research with target segments in Guatemala.

Main activities:

  • Draft questionnaire/interview guides with moderator instructions for focus groups and individual interviews
  • Source and recruit research participants for focus groups, individual interviews, phone / online survey, and/or other formats as needed
  • Secure research venues as needed and appropriate in the current health climate
  • Facilitate qualitative research sessions according to CCX IB methodology
  • Provide regular updates and reporting on research activities to CCX IB
  • Generate interview transcripts within 24 hours of every session, and provide video footage if required for the assignment
  • Ensure translation services for indigenous (Mayan) language conversations where necessary
  • Support or lead analysis of the research, including identifying relevant insights and making recommendations based on the findings
  • Develop a presentation on key findings

The team has broadly estimated the need for between 18 and 22 focus groups followed up by individual interviews with certain participants based on broad criteria critical to achieving the objectives of this project. The team anticipates individual interviews will consist of testing a service or solution.


  • Key findings presentation that includes:
    • Report on all activities conducted
    • Profiles of target segments including income level, income sources (labor and non-labor), other socio-economic information
    • Information on current needs, preferences, and behaviours related to financial and non-financial services by target segment, including both household and business
    • Overview of most relevant gaps in servicing target segments and potential entry points for financial service providers
    • Description of tested service or solution, including ideation process, prototype features and target segment perspectives, as well as marketing tactics

3        Project Team

The research firm will work with the CCX IB team, including a local team member, as well as with the Project Manager in New York city and Research Lead based in the Dominican Republic. The research firm will report to the Project Manager and Research Lead and work closely with local team member.

4        Duration of Consultancy

The expected start of this project will be September 2022. Activities are expected to run through October 2022.

5        Location of Work

The selected consultant will have an office in Ciudad de Guatemala and accessibility to the selected regions of the country where the investigation will take place (exact regions to be determined). All research will take place in locations convenient for the target participants.

6        Minimum Qualifications

  • Based locally, with offices in Ciudad de Guatemala
  • Proven track record in research design, field-based qualitative research, and analysis of findings among vulnerable populations
  • Experience conducting research in financial services
  • Fluency in English, Spanish, and local languages (Mayan)
  • Strong English-language writing skills are a plus

7        To Apply

Applications must be received no later than August 30 at 11:59pmEST. Please Send electronically to and with “RFP Request for Proposal for Market Research Firm in Guatemala” as the subject line.

Please submit a short proposal detailing the firm’s experience in conducting qualitative research with vulnerable populations and/or for the financial services sector. Please include a proposed budget with a cost estimate per focus group and individual interview for urban, secondary urban, and rural locations.

9       Overview of the Evaluation Process

Submissions will be evaluated based on:

  • Compliance with minimum qualifications and other requirements set forth in this RFP
  • Qualifications and experience of both company & proposed personnel
  • Price quote

This RFP does not guarantee or commit CCX IB to proceeding with the above-described job. Due to the overwhelming responses, not all candidates will be contacted. If you have any questions, please send them to Laura Trueba at


About CCX IB

CCX Inclusive Business (CCX IB) is a strategy consulting firm, based in Geneva, Switzerland, that works with financial service providers and policymakers on translating consumer insights into market strategies and policies to reach the un/underserved.

Our mission is to develop scalable solutions that are based on deep insights into the lives, needs and constraints of un/underserved people in emerging markets to improve their livelihoods and create opportunities for economic growth. To accomplish this mission, we focus on Entrepreneurship and SME Development, Inclusive Finance (including gender-intelligent finance), and Policy Dialogue and Regulation. We are a young and growing company with international partners and staff working in fast-paced and often changing environments.

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