AFIGAP: Financial Inclusion Gender Gap Project

CCX is actively engaged in the Financial Inclusion Gender Gap (AFIGAP) project, funded by the Alliance for Inclusion (AFI). The project is designed to increase AFI members’ understanding of the barriers and enablers of gender-inclusive finance to help national financial regulators and policymakers identify highly specific and concrete actions that will advance gender-inclusive finance in their countries.


The project has four main deliverables, which include:

  • Landscape report: This report looks at the state of women’s financial inclusion across the AFI network to provide an assessment of the key financial policy and regulatory enablers needed at a national level.
  • Summary report: This report is a call to action that highlights key findings from the landscape report to offer practical recommendations to decision-makers from AFI’s member jurisdictions on specific steps they can take to create a more conducive environment for increasing women’s financial inclusion.
  • Case studies: The team conducted case studies of 13 countries from AFI’s membership to provide a deeper understanding of the status of women’s financial inclusion in each along with its key barriers and enablers.
  • Analytical Data set: This is data collected during the project that will become part of AFI’s online data portal.


The ConsumerCentriX team conducted several activities to meet these deliverables, including mapping women’s financial access in relation to the level of economic development for AFI member countries and developing an analytical framework to identify key factors enabling women’s financial inclusion to understand progress. The key enabling elements used in the framework include; policies, regulations, and government engagement; information technology and identification infrastructure; and a broader environment of women’s economic participation, inclusion, and entrepreneurship. The AFIGAP Project is a flagship project as part of AFI’s focus on Gender Inclusive Finance, and select findings were showcased at its Global Policy Forum of 2022. AFI aims to launch the project reports as a knowledge product at the Global Policy Forum in September 2023.