Reimagining Fintech Innovation to Accelerate Digital Financial Inclusion


Addressing the current opportunities and barriers to greater financial inclusion 

A convene of top policymakers from Indonesia, Nigeria, Egypt, and Mexico along with major global digital financial inclusion specialists to extend access to digital financial services.

The convening will consist of a close examination of each country’s financial inclusion landscape, peer-learning and exchange, and development of a strategy to leverage innovation hubs to expand access and usage of relevant digital financial services by unbanked and underbanked segments in each market.


This is a follow-up to a July 2019 Bellagio Center meeting titled "Practical Solutions to Accelerating Digital Financial Financial Services for Inclusive Economies," held at the Bellagio Working Group for Digital Financial Inclusion. After two years of virtual sessions, this meeting allows the Working Group to advance common aims.

2019 Convening

I think the brainstorming sessions were the strongest elements of this program. It is more than just having a conversation. You learn how to implement what you’ve learned, and you begin leveraging these new relationships to make an impact in your country

 Aishah Ahmad, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria

Rasha Negm
General Manager of FinTech and Innovation, Central Bank of Egypt
Ayman Hussein
Subgovernor, Central Bank of Egypt
Miguel Sergio Siliceo Valdespino
Head of Investment Unit, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit
Triyono Gani
Executive Director, Financial Innovation Group, Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK)
Musa Itopa Jimoh
Director of Payments System Management Department, Central Bank of Nigeria
Olufisayo Omotoyosi Ajewole
Cybersecurity Bank Examiner, Central Bank of Nigeria
Juan Carlos García Fierro 
 Financial Technology Supervision Deputy General Director, National Banking and Securities Commission
Paul Oluikpe
Head of the Financial Inclusion Delivery Unit, Central Bank of Nigeria
Philip Yusuf Yila
Director of Development Finance Department, Central Bank of Nigeria
Kavita Bali  
Consumer Centrix Inclusive Business
Aiaze Mitha
Digital Finance Expert, Digital Ambassador to UNCDF
Tanuj Bhojwani
Ispirit Foundation Representative
Benedikt Wahler  
Partner, Consumer Centrix Inclusive Business
Anna Gincherman
Partner, Consumer Centrix Inclusive Business
Vladimir Mitkov
Consultant, Consumer Centrix Inclusive Business
Rajesh Bansal  
CEO, Reseve Bank Innovation Hub (RBIH)

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