Engaging Financial Regulators to Accelerate Digital Financial Inclusion

The Bellagio Working Group for Digital Financial Inclusion is a working group of top financial regulators from four markets – Nigeria, Indonesia, Egypt, and Mexico – that seeks to improve access to digital financial services as a way to reach the un- and underbanked with financial products and services. The working group first convened at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center in July of 2019 and now meets monthly to engage in peer learning and exchange along with top global digital financial inclusion specialists. In 2022, the working group convened once again in person at the Bellagio Center to discuss “Reimagining Fintech Innovation to Accelerate Digital Financial Inclusion.” The meeting resulted in several important initiatives now underway, including the Fintech Bridge between Egypt and Nigeria – a first of its kind collaboration focusing on cross-country referrals, joint innovation projects, information sharing, and talent development.