How Fintech Can Capture Opportunity in the Multi-Trillion Dollar Female Economy

Exploring how gender-intelligent fintechs are successfully leveraging the women’s market 

A global research project, which was commissioned by the Financial Alliance for Women in April 2021

This qualitative research involved substantive interviews with representatives of a global sample of fintechs (including Kubo Financiero) that have penetrated the women’s market, fintech experts and fintech investors. Specifically, the research looked at conversion rates for women customers across the fintech verticals at each stage of the sales funnel, causes for drop-off in conversion rates at each stage, effective approaches to draw women customers at each stage, based on experiences of participating fintechs, business value of gains achieved by implementing a gender-intelligent sales funnel, and ways to measure impact of changes made, tied to stages of the sales funnel. The report will be launched at FAFW’s Annual Summit in October 2021.