Morocco Youth in Business Market Assessment 

Boosting youth employability in Morocco through assessing the MSME market landscape

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is launching a Youth in Business (YiB) programme in Morocco that will provide a holistic approach to addressing the barriers faced by youth entrepreneurs such as access to training or financial resources. We are conducting a market assessment on the youth MSME landscape in Morocco that will give us a nuanced understanding of the local financial and nonfinancial services market and identify opportunity areas for financial institutions. This strategic approach will support EBRD in lauching the YiB program.


Our Methodology 

An evidence and research-based, human-centered approach.

Desk research

Conducting desk research provides a deeper market context through secondary sources and key stakeholder interviews in order to target specific customers or clients.

Qualitative field research

Conducting qualitative field research allows us to develop in-depth insights targeting sub-segment groups in two stages of in-depth human-centered research activities. During this phase, we have held individual and focus group interviews in order to understand the profile of youth entrepreneurs, their managerial styles, financial needs, challenges they face and opporutnities for financial institutions.

Social media and online survey testing

Conducting social media and online survey testing allows us to validate our findings and understand the value propositions for financial institutions through engaging a larger sample of YiB through digital channels.