Who We Are

Who We Are

We are seasoned experts in financial services, inclusive business models and digital solutions.

CCX Inclusive Business is a boutique research and strategy consultancy that advises institutions across the private, public, and social sectors on how to reach the un/underserved with financial services. Through our extensive work in 15 markets, we have successfully pioneered field research, identified best practices, designed strategies, and modeled financial viability.   


What sets us apart

In-depth customer understanding as basis for strategy & value propositions: methodological excellence in quantitative and qualitative analysis, (psychographic) segmentation and ethnography to deliver a nuanced picture of the human beings that make up the addressable market.

Understanding strategic and operational drivers of success, equally: technological possibilities and the business models they enable, on the one hand, and on the other hand regulatory and operational requirements at client-interface and back-office to deliver reliable user experiences even for the poor and in rural settings.

Gender-intelligent business expertise: best-in-class practices derived from research and implementation; an ability to size up the opportunity in detail; an understanding where persistent differences exist between genders, how they matter in financial services and other industries, and how to respond to women's needs and priorities in a manner that is strategic and not “pink-washing.”

Bringing professionalism from leading industries to the crossroads of finance & development: our client roster of leaders in fast-paced industries like FMCG, consumer electronics, telecommunications, etc. offers methodological and strategic inspiration for financial institutions looking to get ahead of the curve by mastering the power of customer-centricity.

Bridging developed market expertise and emerging market realities: our team is equally at ease in African villages as in corporate board rooms.