Who We Are

Who We Are

We are seasoned experts in financial services, inclusive business models and digital solutions.

ConsumerCentriX is a strategy consulting firm that works with financial service providers and policymakers on translating consumer insights into market strategies and policies to reach the un/underserved.


What sets us apart

Understanding the customer first:

Methodological excellence in quantitative and qualitative analysis, (psychographic) segmentation and ethnography to deliver a nuanced assessment of the diverse people and communities that make up the addressable market.

Building market solutions shaped by strategic and operational drivers of success:

Solutions based on an in-depth understanding of market drivers and regulatory environment as well as a partner institution’s strategic imperatives and operational capabilities.

Applying a Gender Lens:

Cutting edge practices derived from research and implementation; an ability to size up the opportunity in detail; identifying and addressing persistent differences that exist between men and women, understanding how they matter in financial services and other industries, and how to respond to women's needs and priorities in a manner that is strategic and not “pink-washing.”

Bringing professionalism from leading industries to the crossroads of finance & development:

Our experience in fast-paced industries like FMCG, consumer electronics, and telecommunications, offers methodological and strategic inspiration for financial institutions looking to get ahead of the curve by mastering the power of customer-centricity.


Our mission is to develop scalable solutions that are based on deep insights into the lives, needs and constraints of un/underserved people in emerging markets to improve their livelihoods and create opportunities for economic growth.

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